Ward Executive Officer (WEO) Opening the event on behalf of street chair person
General secretary of SMAUJATA provides education on issue of GBV and VAC
Ward Commissioner Executive Officer (WCEO), providing education on GBV &VAC, child protection policy and why we should protect our children and family at large
Ward Education Officer (WEO) Raising awareness on how caregivers can cooperate with school teachers to raise pupil’s /student’s performance.
MEWO staff, Local Government Authority (LGA), caregiver and her beneficiaries receiving food and education subsidies from MEWO
Beneficiaries rejoicing after receiving education subsidies i.e. School bags and school sweaters
After distribution exercise, beneficiaries and all other participants getting lunch together
Beneficiaries, caregivers and MEWO staff during lunch time enjoying the food together
One of the caregivers giving out a word of thanks after receiving aid from MEWO.
Representative from KHIBHANZA CO. LTD with MEWO staff and beneficiaries
Among MEWO beneficiaries carrying their maize flour
Beneficiaries taking a lunch
Beneficiaries with school subsidies Bags and sweaters
Beneficiaries with school subsidies Bags and sweaters

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