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Mercy World Organization Main Goals

Improved quality of life for vulnerable groups such as orphans, women/girls, drug addicts, prostitutes, people living with HIV and AIDS.

We support and provide counseling and training to most vulnerable groups such as children, and women/girls for the purpose of improving the life standard of Tanzanian citizens.

You can make a difference through education, fundraising or volunteering.

Core Activities

Counseling, training, coaching, advocacy, empowerment, research, consultancy, support, voluntary testing and counseling (VTC) for improving quality of life to communities especially to vulnerable groups.

How To Donate:

Board of World Mission

Humatarian Social Innovation

Core Values

MEWO core values commitment is the foundation of all that we do and upholds the following
core values:

“No one has ever become poor by giving.”― Anne Frank.

The area of operation will mainly be based in Mbeya as a starting point and eventually the whole
Tanzania in general will be targeted.

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