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Tuntufye Anangisye Mwenisongole

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Tuntufye Anangisye Mwenisongole (BD, MAPC, MATS, DTh, PGDE) is a Lecturer at Teofilo Kisanji University, Tanzania, specialized in Pastoral Psychotherapy/Counseling. He has experiences in teaching, counseling, and supervision

Tuntufye Anangisye Mwenisongole


Mwenisongole has done several research and publication including:

  • Mwenisongole, T.A. (2021). Care, Healing and Human Well-Being in the context of Tanzania. In Care, Healing, and Human Well – Being Within Interreligious Discourses. Weiss, H., Federschmidt, K. H., Louw, D. & Bredvik, L. S. eds. SIPCC, Sun Media SA.
  • Mwenisongole, T. A. &. Mligo, E. S. (2018). Pastoral Counseling for Orphans and Vulnerable Children: A Narrative Approach. Eugene OR: Wipf and Stock Publishers.
  • Mwenisongole, T. A. (2010). “Pastoral care in the AIDS crisis: For an African perspective” in The concise dictionary of Pastoral care and counseling edited by Asquith, GH.  Nashville: Abingdon Press.

Mwenisongole is involved and partners with other organizations in the region and Tanzania as whole. He has also attended several seminars and workshops.

Mwenisongole is a member of:

  • Society for Intercultural Pastoral Care and Counseling (SIPCC)
  • Tanzania Psychological Association (TAPA)
  • Tanzania Association for Professional Counsellors and Psychotherapists (TAPCAP),

Mwenisongole is an ordained minister in the Moravian Church in Tanzania, South West Province since 1997. He has worked in various offices including a congregation, Christian education and a leader in the Department of Children and Youth.